Nicosia, May 21st, 2019 – As our civilization steps towards Innovative technologies
such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things, Legal practitioners
must be ready to tackle new challenges with digital transformation. This requires
fundamental rethinking of policies across many different areas (e.g. competition,
entrepreneurship, taxation, healthcare, insurance, finance, energy, logistics,
Intellectual property rights management and government services) and consequently,
fundamental reconstruction of traditional legal services. Lawyers and Entrepreneurs
must first come to terms with the fact that innovation and digital transformation are
two unabridged concepts, and then improve their technical understanding, apply
extensive research and exercise the ability to foresee change and the regulatory
trends. Stelios Americanos & Co. LLC law firm, steps into the future with the provision
of Blockchain Share Certificates for corporate clients.

In Cyprus most companies are Limited by Shares (LTD) whereas the secretary of the
Company is responsible to report any changes that there may occur to the
shareholder structure to the competent public authorities. Based on the Law Firm’s
new service, each shareholder of a company administered by the Law Firm may opt in
to get a digital version of his share certificate, whose authenticity can be verified
through the Ethereum blockchain. This revolutionary verification process enables
anyone who possesses the digital version of the share certificate to authenticate it
without the need of questioning the validity of the certificate through intermediaries
or private or public bodies.

Lawyer and partner Dr Charis Savvides reports that, the success of this pioneering
project, has already initiated for our Law Firm the process of applying the same
blockchain technology to other core company instruments, such as instrument of
transfer of shares and trust deeds. According to Dr Savvides, who is actually the
instigator of the project and he leads the Innovation & Blockchain Department of the
Law Firm, this is a groundbreaking evolution of corporate administration services,
while it also points to the potential of witnessing very soon other legal services, such
as drafting and amending contracts or property documents verification, entering the
Blockchain gateway of digitalization and decentralization.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Charis Savvides (
Lawyer and Partner at Stelios Americanos & Co. LLC
Head of the Innovation & Blockchain Department

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