Restructuring, Receivership & Liquidation

Restructuring, Receivership & Liquidation

Liquidity constraints and cash flow management are two important factors that may determine the future of a company. In this environment, our group of legal professionals and financial advisors can contribute to the ability of using efficiently the company’s resources in order to achieve their corporate objectives and improve the stakeholder’s economical position.

Our firm is in position to offer the entire spectrum of services relating to liquidation of companies but also provide a holistic approach of:

  1. Analyzing the current Financial Position of the Client.
  2. Legal and Financial Interpretation of their Debt Agreements & Obligations.
  3. Preparation of Business Plan and Cash Flow projections.
  4. Planning and structuring of acceptable solutions and exit plans.
  5. Assessing all the potential scenarios and capital structures.
  6. Liaise and consultation with the Financial Institutions in order to achieve viable and applicable solutions.

Members of the team are licensed insolvency practitioners and are thus able to assume the role of liquidator, receiver, manager or examiner and subject to applicable law initiate proceedings, either in Cyprus or abroad, aiming to retrieve assets belonging to the company in liquidation or the bankrupt, for the benefit of the creditors and over undertake and complete the entire process of liquidation.

 In addition our firm can offer legal support in relation to any foreign liquidation involving Cyprus. this can be achieved usually either by means of recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings or even file legal actions in the name of the liquidator for the purpose of pursuing the protection or the recovery of assets or damages or for retrieving property, always for the benefit of the creditors.

 Finally our firm very often works with other independent insolvency practitioners, offering legal support being litigation, consulting or otherwise and as deemed necessary for the purposes of liquidation or other related process.

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Practice areas

  • Corporate reorganisations
  • International Business Structuring
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Insolvency Procedures
  • Business Examinership
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation
  • Asset Recovery

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